Security and Privacy - Resources

Here, we collect all the key documents about our product and what we do with data.

Our information governance documents set out the promises we make about data, the agreements we have in place, and how we comply with the relevant laws and guidance.

Our certifications and assurances show how we keep those promises, keep our systems secure, and keep your data safe.

Policies and Agreements

Privacy Policies cover how we handle personal data.

Privacy Policy for Patients

Privacy Policy for Dialysis Centres

Terms of Use for DialysisAway software

Standard Terms of Service for our customers

Security and Privacy Credentials

  • We have completed the Cyber Essentials certification.
  • We have Data Security and Protection Toolkit assurance (ODS Code is: O4S4B).
  • We have our own ISMS, working in compliance with the requirements of ISO:27001.
  • We are in the process of seeking assurance against NHS Digital’s DCB0129 clinical risk standard.