Finally. A way to give dialysis patients greater mobility.

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Why DialysisAway?

Travel is challenging for patients

  • Up to 6 months’ advance notice to dialyse elsewhere
  • Hard to find out trip status or ask questions
  • No single trip record

The biggest barrier to patient travel is administrative. If the process is slow and painful and staff are overloaded, travel cannot be accommodated.

An easier way

DialysisAway enables your clinic and any other to collaborate efficiently, compliantly and securely online, saving hours for staff. With a better process, dialysis clinics will be more open to patient travel.

Want to help?

Click here and we’ll contact your clinic and get them set up on a no-obligation free trial. The more clinics registered, the more options for patients.

Travel More Freely

It’s hard to get on with life if you have to give up to 6 months’ notice to dialyse elsewhere.  But a more efficient process means clinics can help you travel more frequently and at shorter notice.

Travel With Confidence

Lack of information makes travel stressful.  On DialysisAway, patients can see not only status, but full trip records and can also securely message coordinators and doctors.  It makes things feel a whole lot easier.

Free for Patients

Our service is funded by clinic operators, not patients.  Centres may charge you for treatment costs but you’ll never pay us.