Can my local dialysis centre use DialysisAway?

Yes! Any dialysis centre worldwide can use DialysisAway.

Do I need to pay?

You will never need to pay us, as DialysisAway is funded by dialysis providers. You may be required to fully or partly fund your treatment costs with Clinics, just as you do today. There are no charges for cancellations, although

Do I need to join?

As a Patient you do not need to join DialysisAway; your local dialysis centre needs to register on the platform, and they will then be able to manage trips for you using the system. As part of that process, you

Do I need to do anything?

Your home dialysis centre will need to register with DialysisAway to use the system and start planning travel on your behalf. Registration is easy and free for dialysis centres. If you’re not sure if your dialysis centre is already registered,

How does it work?

DialysisAway is an online platform open to any dialysis centre anywhere in the world. It replaces the old process where dialysis clinics would exchange information manually, using telephone, fax, email and paper. Doing things online is more efficient and secure.

What is DialysisAway?

DialysisAway is the new, easier way for dialysis centres to coordinate the paperwork required when patients travel. Centres exchange everything required online, replacing all the calling and chasing.  When dialysis centres adopt DialysisAway, it is easier for them to manage