Can I cancel my reservation?

You can cancel any booking made on DialysisAway until the time you are due to receive treatment, without charge, by cancelling your booking on the platform or asking your home Clinic to do so on your behalf. If you or

How do I know if I need to pay for all or part of my treatments away?

You will not need to pay to use DialysisAway, but you may be required to fully or partly fund your treatment costs at Destination Clinics, just as you do today. You should ask about treatment charges when you enquire about

If my trip is on DialysisAway, what do I need to do?

When your home clinic sets up a trip for you, you will receive a login and be able to access the system.  This only happens once.  Once you have a login, you will be able to check any time on

How can I check if my clinic is registered?

Ask your travel Coordinator at your home clinic if it is registered. If they are unsure, contact us here and we will check for you. If your clinic is not registered, contact us here and we will liaise with your

Is travel faster on DialysisAway?

With DialysisAway the coordination between clinics and dialysis staff is much easier and this should shorten the time it takes to plan trips, meaning that over time, patients should be able to give less notice and travel with more confidence.

I want to travel somewhere – what should I do?

The first step is to find a Destination Clinic that has availability to provide treatment for you on your preferred dates. You should find treatment slots with your home clinic coordinator, or a travel partner, just as you do today.

I’m already scheduled to go away – will my trip be on DialysisAway?

If your trip is being managed using DialysisAway, you will have received a message asking you to log into the system and accept the Terms of Use. If you are unsure if your planned trip is being managed by DialysisAway,

Can I use DialysisAway to search for destinations?

You should make enquiries separately, as you do today.  Once you have secured provisional treatment slots from a Coordinator at your desired Destination Clinic, pass them to your home clinic Coordinator.  Providing both your home clinic and your desired  Destination

Can I delete my details from the system?

In the first instance you should contact your dialysis clinic if you would like your details deleted or updated. Operators of dialysis centres are typically Data Controllers and are responsible for handling any requests from Patients in relation to their

Do you have an instruction guide?

You should ask your Coordinator at your home clinic for any assistance.  We will provide them with access to all relevant materials. You can contact us for assistance using this form.