Can I travel as part of a group on DialysisAway?

The DialysisAway platform is for individual Patient trips. However, you can travel as part of a group and use DialysisAway. DialysisAway does not offer a travel booking service. You can contact a dialysis travel partner using the following links: Freedom,

Can I book a trip with multiple stops on DialysisAway?

Yes. DialysisAway enables your home dialysis Centre to coordinate with any other dialysis Centre across the globe. If your trip involves multiple steps, your home clinic will set up separate trips in DialysisAway, enabling them to coordinate with each of

How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

You will receive either an email or SMS once dates are confirmed, based on the notification preferences you set up in your profile.  Alternatively, you can login and check online.

Can I ask a question about my trip?

Yes, you can post queries securely within the platform about your trip. The “Query” button allows you to contact your Doctor and the dialysis Coordinators at the sending and destination Clinics.

How do I check the progress of my trip?

When your trip is set up in the system you will be given a log in. You can log in to the system at any time and see the progress of your trip, via a trip dashboard.

Can I change my intended dates once they are confirmed?

No – once dates are confirmed, they cannot be changed in the system.  A new trip would need to be set up to ensure that, for example, blood tests and swabs required no earlier than a certain time prior to

Do I pay a cancellation fee?

You can cancel any booking made on DialysisAway at any time until the time you are due to receive treatment, without charge, by cancelling your booking on the platform or asking your home clinic to do so on your behalf.

Can I write a review of a dialysis Centre?

No.  If you are having any issues or feel that you want to give us or a dialysis centre positive or negative feedback, please contact us on this form.

Can the Destination Clinic cancel my reservation?

If the Destination Clinic cannot fulfil one or more of the treatments you have booked, it can cancel those treatments. In this case, it needs to refund any payments you have made in full. If a Destination Clinic must cancel