When can my patient get their fit to travel letter?

Once the Patient Medical Details form has been completed and the blood tests and swabs required by the Destination Clinic have been completed as stipulated, the Doctor at the Sending Clinic will review these and, if appropriate, issue a fit

We are an independent sector provider, delivering dialysis services on behalf of the NHS . Would we register our Clinics or would the NHS Trusts?

Your organisation would set up an Account and register clinics under it where nurses employed or contracted by you provide care to the patients (commonly called fully managed services).  If your organisation is only providing facility management services at a

Can I switch off notifications?

Yes, notifications can be managed in your profile. You can choose to be notified by email and/or SMS or not at all.

Why has my Account been suspended?

If a Registered Clinic is unable to send or receive patients, it is probably because either a) the free trips assigned to that Registered Clinic have expired and a subscription has not been paid; or b) the subscription has not

How do I delete my Account?

If you wish to delete your Account, please contact DialysisAway.  Account Owners can remove Registered Clinics without deleting the Account.  

How do I remove a Registered Clinic?

The Account Owner can add or remove Registered Clinic in the Account profile section.

We have closed a Registered Clinic, what do we do?

The Account Owner can add or remove Registered Clinics in the Account profile section.

How do I add a new Registered Clinic?

To add a new Registered Clinic, you need to go through the same basic set up process (see above)