When your home clinic sets up a trip for you, you will receive a login and be able to access the system.  This only happens once.  Once you have a login, you will be able to check any time on the status and progress of your planned trip, as well as submit queries. As part of each trip, you will be asked to acknowledge the Terms of Use and any materials that the Destination Clinic wishes you to review in preparation for your treatment, whether within the platform or transmitted to you separately.  You may also be asked to pay for your treatment online in advance, if a payment is applicable – this will have been made clear at the time of booking. If you need assistance with accessing DialysisAway as part of the process, you should request it either from your regular carer or from a Coordinator at your home clinic when you attend your regular treatment.  Once you are travelling, you should make direct contact with the Destination Clinic to apprise them of your status and ensure that you arrive in good time for them to prepare your treatment. You can access your trip details at any time online.