Not registered with DialysisAway?

If the organisation which operates your clinic has not yet registered it with DialysisAway, you’ll need to set an Account here.  It is possible that your clinic may not be registered yet, but the organisation which operates your clinic has an Account and can simply add your clinic.  We’ll check this for you.


Already registered with DialysisAway?

If your clinic is already registered with DialysisAway, then the first step will be to help the Patient find a Destination Clinic that they can go to whilst on their trip.  You should do this as you would do today.  There are some useful links here. If the Destination Clinic is not registered, we will get them registered on your behalf on a no obligation free trial.  Simply click this link.


Both Sending & Destination Clinics set up?

Simply log into the DialysisAway platform and select the New Trip icon to get started. You will find the name of the Destination Clinic in the dropdown menu.  If the Patient has not yet travelled on DialysisAway you will need to enter some brief details to set them up. Then you will need the Patient’s trip details and to assign a Doctor from your Clinic to approve the trip.