When you set up an Account, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide. Here are some answers to common questions around Account setup:


I am a nurse, can I set up an Account?

Anyone at a dialysis centre can set up an Account. However, the Account Owner should not be someone involved in day-to-day coordination of trips, as each person can only hold one role. Nurses who participate in day-to-day coordination of trips, should be set up as a Coordinator.


Who should be set up as Lead Coordinator at each Clinic?

This should be the person primarily responsible for coordinating trips, be it someone Clinical or administrative.


Who should be set up as Coordinators at each Clinic?

This depends on how each Clinic is organised. The ideal mix of Coordinators is both Clinical and administrative. Administrators can assist Clinical staff with some of the tasks.


Do I need to complete all the fields?

Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*)


In what order do I need to set up everything?

There are four steps to Account Setup. First you will complete general details for the Account, including the details of the Account Owner. Second, you will set up one or more Regions, each with a Regional Manager. Third, you will name the Clinics under the Account, with a Lead Coordinator at each Clinic. Finally, the respective Lead Coordinator for each Centre will complete the setup, adding clinic-specific details.