Account Creation


The first step is to contact us at DialysisAway to create an Account. You can do that via the Registration button on the website. We’ll check some details, for example to ensure  no accidental duplication of Accounts and then provide you with a registration code.


Once your Account has been set up, the nominated Account Owner can add one or more Registered Clinics to it. It is free to set up an Account and to add Registered Clinics. When a Registered Clinic is added to an Account, it means that other Registered Clinics on DialysisAway can send patients to it or receive patients from it using the platform. Each Registered Clinic added within an Account will initially benefit from the ability to run three free trips total (sent or received).


Each Registered Clinic needs to be assigned to a Region. Each Region has a Regional Manager.


If you do not have or want Regions, or your Registered Clinic(s) sits under one Region, you can simply set up one Region, e.g., called Central, and all Registered Clinics will sit under that Region.


The Regions function enables named Regional Managers to oversee all the activity for the Registered Clinics in that Region. Regional Managers can also modify user privileges for each Registered Clinic in the Region. However, Regional Managers cannot click into individual trips or manage trips.


Clinic Setup


As part of the Account set up, the Account Owner will nominate a Lead Coordinator at each Registered Clinic, who will receive login details and complete the setup, adding: 1) information about the Registered Clinic itself and what is routinely available for visiting patients, such as consumables and drugs; 2) Doctors overseeing the care of patients in that Registered Clinic and who would be assigned to a trip in order to approve it; 3) Additional Coordinators who can cover for each other.  Users can modify their own details at any time from their account profile.


Trips can only be run between Registered Clinics. However, if your clinic is registered and the other clinic is not, we can help the other clinic to get set up – it is free to create an Account and add a Registered Clinic and the first three trips are free at any Registered Clinic.


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