The patient (or you, if you are assisting the patient) should already have identified and contacted a possible Destination Clinic based on their requirements and provisionally have slots available.


Step 1 – Destination Check

Check if the Destination Clinic is registered via the drop-down menu.  If not, please click here and we will get the Destination Clinic registered on a no obligation free trial.  We will let you know when this is complete.


Step 2 – Patient Check

Once you know the Destination Clinic is registered, you will enter the last name and mobile number of the Patient to check if the Patient is set up.  If not, you’ll need to fill in some brief details. This only needs to be done once.


Step 3 – Assign Doctor

You should already have set up Doctors as part of the Clinic set up.  You simply need to select the Doctor approving the trip from the drop-down menu.