There are four types of Users at any Registered Clinic:


Lead Coordinator

There can be only one Lead Coordinator at each Registered Clinic, nominated by the Account Owner. Lead Coordinators can be changed by the Account Owner and Regional Managers.



Lead Coordinators can set up as many Coordinators as they like at each Registered Clinic. Each Coordinator can only be attached to a single Registered Clinic. Regional Managers can set up Coordinators for Registered Clinics in their Region.



Lead Coordinators and Coordinators can set up Doctors in each Registered Clinic. Doctors can be attached to one or more Registered Clinic. Only Doctors supervising the care of patients at the Registered Clinic and able to approve travel should be added. A Doctor from the Sending Clinic is assigned to each trip when a patient travels elsewhere to approve the trip. However, when receiving a patient, a Doctor from the Destination Clinic is not specifically assigned to the Trip. The Coordinator(s) at the Destination Clinic consult with the Doctor who will be supervising the care of the visiting patient, as they do today.



Patients are only set up when they travel. Once a patient has travelled once, the system will remember basic details to save time. As part of setting up a  New Trip, however, the Coordinator signing off the Patient Medical Details will need to check those details are still correct. Patients receive their own login details and once on the system, can see details of all their current and completed trips.