A turnkey solution for managing temporary patients

A universal solution

Any centre can adopt DialysisAway, with no systems integration required.  Centre-specific details are captured at setup and made clear during the process.

compliance and governance

Built for compliance and governance

Single, secure and easy to govern trip record. Robust user and access controls.  Data encrypted at rest and during transmission.

Guided, step by step process

A 10-step standard process with traffic light status guides users through what they need to do.  Reminders alert users of required action.

improve teamwork and efficiency phone

Improve teamwork and efficiency

Ability to set up multiple coordinators accessing the same, up-to-date file improves speed and coverage of absence. Notifications reduce chasing.

Easily manage multiple trips in parallel

Our dashboard shows the status and next steps for every  trip at a glance, enabling busy staff to prioritise effort and find the  information they need.

Easily manage multiple trips in parallel​
secure communication

Secure communication

Internal messaging function is more efficient, secure and compliant, eliminating phone/email/fax and placing all relevant communications inside the trip record.  

Save repetition

Setup process makes clinic requirements clear to all prospective senders. Time saving features around data entry.

Govern multiple

Govern multiple centres​

Implementing DialysisAway’s standard process means staff at every centre run the process the same way, every time, while account owners can also view consolidated activity.

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