Getting started

Register to use DialysisAway

  • Your clinic needs to be registered to coordinate trips on DialysisAway.

  • Registration is free and each clinic benefits from a no obligation trial of 3 free trips to decide whether or not your team enjoys using the platform.

  • Any clinic worldwide can register and anyone in the clinic can register it, as long as they are involved in coordinating temporary dialysis; it doesn’t need to be a senior manager.

  • Once registered, your clinic is accessible inside the platform to all other registered clinics.

  • Only new trips can be coordinated on DialysisAway – you should complete your existing trips outside the platform.

  • Click the button below to talk to an expert who can help your clinic to register.

  • Outbound Travel
  • Inbound Travel

UK Destinations

  • We maintain an up-to-date database of UK clinics and coordinators.
  • You can enquire directly with any UK clinic here.
  • If you need help with your travel, contact Freedom.

Worldwide Destinations

Destination Clinic not registered? Click here.

Not yet registered?

  • You may receive an enquiry from a Registered Clinic who run all their trips using the platform.
  • If your clinic isn’t yet registered, click here to benefit from a no obligation free trial.
  • Any member of the team can register a clinic.

Already registered

  • The first step is to confirm provisional slots.
  • If the other clinic is registered, the new trip will appear directly in your clinic dashboard.
  • If the Sending Clinic is not registered, click here.